Improv as "Life 101"

Improvisation as an art form is not about showing what you can do, but rather, it's about revealing your truth in each unfolding moment.  And it's a practice for life.  The earth opens, financial systems collapse, rugs get pulled out from under our feet.  Improvisation allows us to see that any moment can soften into a thousand-thousand ways to go.

We inspire individuals and groups to use their imaginations to open new pathways in their thinking and behaving, and to leave with a renewed zest for "doing the impossible" in their lives and in the world.  Also, the skills of improvisation—risk-taking, listening, presence, imagination, and intuition—can be applied in all walks of life to bring more creativity, better decision-making, and expanded awareness to any setting.

With an emphasis on saying yes, leaning into difficult situations, and being flexible, improvisation provides the foundation necessary for strong interpersonal skills and productive teamwork.

On Stage

We can also take individuals—from middle school students to working adults—through a learning process that will allow them to hone the skills of improvisation and begin to apply them via storytelling, singing, dancing, and poetry created in the moment.

This multi-disciplinary approach to improvisation is attractive to dancers who always wanted to sing, or actors who want to try dancing, or singers who have a hidden storyteller inside. Also, because no experience is required, this is an opportunity for anyone to try their hand at improvisation—even working adults who want to have fun, strengthen presentation skills and build confidence.

The final production can be one night, or multiple nights just like a traditional theatre production, except that every show will be different!

“Cohen Elementary teachers and Rhonda Morton and Amber Espar of Alligator Mouth Improv are to be congratulated for working together to introduce students to a form of deep communication, a way to listen and respond to others.”

Maria McMahon
Arts in Education Program Specialist, GST BOCES
Elmira, NY